Friday, February 26, 2010

10 Great Years!

Today is our 10th ANNIVERSARY....

..not exactly the same attire we had on ten years ago today, but oh well!

Evening out? No...evening PULLING out...

Ryan was helping a friend get some equipment out for his farm sale and even with a bale on the back for weight he got STUCK! ..and that shovel...wasn't cuttin it!

There wasn't another tractor at the farm and the pickup wasn't budging it. much as it pains me to share these next pictures...we used a combine.....a RED one! (We're pretty big John Deere fans around here!)

Here's to ten more great years...and hopefully never having to be pulled out by anything RED again...ha ha!


  1. I love it! Can you photoshop the pictures to make the combine green?? :)


  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Been reading your blog and enjoyed it. Looking forward hearing more about your farm life.

    I also follow Steph @ The Life of a Farmer's Wife and really enjoy it.


  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

    Your pictures crack me up....just another day on the farm! haha

  4. Thanks for all of your anniversary wishes everyone! Also, thanks for being followers of my blog. I just started and I'm having a blast. I love reading all the other blogs too!

    Loit, that is a great idea. Wish I'd of thought of that. Ha Ha!

  5. Boy do your photos make me smile! This winter has been quite a challenge. I enjoy seeing your photos of your daily tasks and it makes me realize I am not alone ...out here in the middle of nowhere..SD! Will a warm up ever come? I am so anxious for Spring! :)