Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just can't have anything nice around here!

As you know, it's calving season and we've had a lot of visitors in our basement because of the weather. This poses a problem for me. As another farmer's wife told me the other night....."I just can't have anything nice!" It's true. See I just recently bought this rug for my basement. Nothin' fancy, but I was hoping it would at least last until spring. No deal! We've power washed it twice because of 'gifts' left behind, but his time....well, it's just gotta go. Also, did ya know Rubbermaid made fencing? Ryan and the kids came up with this fence made of rubbermaid totes to keep the calves on the rug. Oh yeah, we're rednecks! ;)
It's all worth it, though, when you see the little cuties all out in the pasture playing.

Ryan had some major dental work done today. Several teeth pulled. He was suppossed to be resting all day. I knew that wouldn't happen. Not sure if that's a "man" thing or a "farmer" thing, but the combination can't be! As you can see, he wasn't able to stay away from the chores.

On the way home we had to drive out by the pasture and he noticed a new calf had been born while he was at the dentist. So, here he is with the tagger making sure everybody is 'checked in'. Pretty sure tagging the calf could have waited, but he kept telling me he felt fine.

I think it's catching up with him now though. He hasn't moved from the couch in the last four hours. Glad he getting some rest.

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  1. That's deffiently a combo from both being a man and a farmer!! You always think they will learn some day but it never happens!