Monday, April 19, 2010

Bringin' in the Big Guns

Last week I got around to tilling the new garden spot.  I have a small tiller--we call her Tuffy. 

The spot where we are putting our garden had cattle on it over the winter.  It is REALLY packed down.  Tuffy wasn't gettin the job done!  I was expressing my frustrations at work and my boss said, "go out and get my tiller.  It'll get it done for sure."  So, we brought in the big guns!  I really wanted to keep it.

Now, to get a few things in the ground.  Yesterday we planted potatoes and onions.  Maci was pretty serious about getting the rows dug.

Quentin was great help planting the potatoes.

Then, we had to go see how Ryan was doing with his planting.  The kids always like to see if they can dig up one of the seeds that just came out of the planter.  Here they are looking for a corn seed.

Planting season means lots of meals in the field, eating in the pickup.

It also means lots of seed runs for the kids and I.  We replenish Ryan's supply one last time for the night before I get the kids home to bed.  Then, grab the empty bags out of his truck and take them home for a late night bonfire.


  1. no better way to spend a day!! Bonfire would of been the best way to wrap up a day also, I love a good roast by the fire! It's almost like camping!! :)

  2. The kids were already asleep by the time I started the fire. Which was probably a good thing--they would've begged to go in and get marshmellows!

  3. I love to see picture of kiddos gardening! Looks like you all had a good day!

  4. That's awesome that the kids like to help garden! We had a bonfire last night too, they are great!!!

  5. It is so great to see all the fields and gardens being planted. It is so nice for the kids to be involved, and you have wonderful pictures.