Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moo-ving Day

Last weekend we moved our cattle from the pasture to the lot at our house.  It was time--the Little Rascals are continuing to get out and go on adventures around the farm.  Quentin took all of the pictures and came up with the name for this post.  Good job Quentin!

First, we ran them around the house, through the yard.  This is Quentin's favorite picture because he caught some of the cows jumping.

Then, across the driveway...

..and into the lot.  There's always a straggler or two that have to check things out along the way.

Check em over and make sure they're all here.

Then, line up for the buffet!

The kids love these bunks because they can get so close to the cattle.


  1. Quentin is quite the photographer.

  2. excellent photos! He did a great job!!