Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disney World: Pop Century Resort

I promised vacation pictures and we have PLENTY to share.  Here's a little history to our trip:

Almost eleven years ago now, Ryan and I went to Disney World on our honeymoon.  We had a blast!  We always said when the kids were old enough to enjoy it we'd go back.  Well, over the years we all enjoyed the scrapbook I made of our trip and the kids always had lots of questions and were so amazed.  They asked when we all got to go and Ryan said, "When Quentin is eight".  That seemed like such a long time, but this summer I reminded Ryan that Quentin turns eight in September.  So, we all started saving our money: the kids sold their chicken eggs, we had a garage sale, lemonade stand (grandpa bought at $10 glass of lemonade!), sold gourds from our garden (grandma bought them twice--she gave them the seeds and bought the finished product!), anything we could think of to save money for the 'Disney jar'.  Right before Christmas we finally had enough.  We were all so excited!  We all had a great time and we hope you enjoy our pictures.

I decided to try to break it up into several posts-probably one for each park.  This first post is all about the resort we stayed at: Pop Century.  This resort is one of the lowest price level resorts, but who's DISNEY WORLD!  Really though, it was way more awesome than anywhere we'd ever stayed and who needs to stay in the room all day anyway!

That's Ryan by the first 'P'...

The gift shop...

 There were lots of HUGE Disney characters all around the resort...

When we came back to the room the first day we found Quentin's stuffed animal in the window.  The maid had put it there and the kids thought that was hilarious!
Another day the maid left them this critter made of wash rags.

There was a retro theme at our resort and they had food to match.  This was my favorite: Tye Dye Cheesecake--it was delicious!
 Maci's favorite was the chocolate cupcakes.

More of the giant stuff.....foosball game.  (The ball shown here was as tall as Maci!)

Pool areas...

Pretty awesome, huh?!  More to come..

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