Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little Rascals

By now we have quite a few baby calves and they've formed quite a posse.  Today Maci and I were coming home and what did we see waiting for us at the end of the driveway?  All of the baby calves!  They are getting way too brave.  It started out that they would venture out under the electric fence, but never get too far away from mama.  In these pictures you can see that they are close to the yard.  The electric fence actually ends back where you see the mamas standing. 

That was all the further that they had ventured....until today.  Today they came into the back yard, around the house and down the driveway.  I honked the horn and they all went running back to their mamas.  Problem solved?

Nope, they ventured out again.  This is them wondering through our back yard.  They also went into the timber area and wondered around.   ...or, as Maci put it: "Mom, they're goin' into the prickers and thorns!"

Then, they wondered into the side yard.  That's where all the fun toys are! ...the playhouse, the soccer net, the swingset, the sandbox...

Then, Maci and I decided that we shouldn't let them get any farther so, we shooed them back to their moms.

Usually, when we're not home our trusty dog, Myles, makes sure these little runaways don't get too far.  It was raining today, though, so we left him in the basement while we went to town.  We did let him back out later...and forgot about him for a while.  What's a dog to do when it's cold and rainy and he's stuck outside?

Hang out by the dryer vent to keep warm!!


  1. That sounds so familiar and I can see it exactly. Stinkers they are and I think they have to be much worse when they are accustomed to seeing humans around them throughout the day. Seems the ones out in the big herds out in pastures are always a little more wary. My Dad tells me I have spoiled them too much and they don't act totally like cows. I just think they are kids and need some adventure.
    Also,,what a smart dog...I don't think my dogs would think of it but it sure makes good sense.

  2. Yep, I only have one calf and she ignores the hot wire! I had to run her out of the garden just yesterday!