Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEEF...it's what's for dinner

We recently had one of our cows butchered. 

How much beef do you get from a cow?

That deep freeze is plum full too!  The only things that were there before were in that shallow basket on the left and a few packages of deer sausage & jerky on the bottom.

Even had to put some in the beer pop fridge in the basement!

So, at our house....

BEEF, it's what for dinner!
...and lunch...and breakfast...and midnight snack...


  1. We are having our first freezer calf done in a month,after seeing your haul I can't wait! My Hubby says he wants beef for every meal once the freezer is full!

  2. We don't have cows, but we'd love to get a cow butchered, meat prices are crazy. I guess we could always start butchering chickens, lol.

  3. Well you can share :)... I love beef! and home grown is much better than from the store!

  4. I hear ya girl! We just sent one to get procesed and we still have to finish what's in the freezer right now.

  5. Yay for beef! We are so blessed that we get one furnished with the job.

  6. me too...I was down to 4 packages of deer burger and a small deer roast. I had my first ribeye a couple nights ago and after the grill, I did what my good friend introduced me too...a little crumbled blue cheese!! I am addicted now! Now my family and my sons family will get to eat well for the summer. I did give my steer a good scratching and a hug before I took him in that day...and I Thanked him.

  7. Melodie: If you end up with the haul that we did I'm sure you won't have any trouble granting Hubby's wish!