Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gully Washer

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Maci and I had several things we wanted to get done, but Ryan had other plans for us.  So, we played taxi most of the morning.  Moving him to a different farm and running for parts.  We knew when Quentin got home we had to take him to town for practices, so we decided to do our cattle chores early.  Good thing we did!  Of course, the cattle weren't up at the bunks because it was earlier than normal feedin' time.  So, we had to drive back in the pasture and find them--gotta get a proper head count.  As we were driving back out we started seeing raindrops on the windshield.

Whew!  Just in time!  It started out with a few sprinkles, but it turned into a gully washer!  It came down fast.  Within a couple hours it stopped and I had this much water in the feed bucket that was in the back of my pickup...

We measured 4 1/2 inches!!!

We decided to go for a drive to check everything out.  The creek behind our house was running really high and you can see by the grass that it had been even higher.

The water in our neighbor's pond was coming out around the side of the dam.

The next picture is the bottom of the hill in our field (corn, this year).  It looks like half the farm washed down and covered the little corn plants out there.  Sure wish we wouldn't have had that early snow last fall,  so we would have been able to do the terrace work on this part of the farm.  That would have helped, but with this heavy of a rain it also could have blown out a new terrace pretty fast.

The cattle were okay and still in.  The fences will need a little work, but they were okay for the night.

All is well.  Now we just need a few days to dry up. 


  1. Boy will that grass grow now!! What gorgeous photos ..I love that you are showing exactly a routine that seems so relaxing. If only everyone had the experience, no better way to live!!

  2. I must have left us and headed your way. We got those gushing rains on Tuesday afternoon!

  3. Maci's hair is getting so long! The grass is so green too. I miss Iowa summers. Can't wait to be home for a full week in August! Perhaps you'll have some beef left for a grill out?? I'll bring the beer... er... soda. :)

  4. I wish we could get a rain like that... ;) Great pictures!

  5. We need some of that! No wonder your grass is so green and high!

  6. Wow that is quite a bit all at once. It mostly missed us in central Iowa.

  7. Loit: yes, we'll definately have a cook out when you're here!! Can't wait to see ya.
    Ryan thinks Maci's hair is too long and wants me to get it cut...I'm resisting.

  8. Keep resisting the haircut. It looks adorable! Tell him you're having her grow it out for locks of love! I'm finally getting my long hair chopped off in two weeks and donating to locks of love. I'm a little nervous but it's for a good cause. :)