Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Blogger Award!

I received this award from DebH over at Dakotagoats:  She's a wonderful women.  You'll have to read her '10 things' too! Thanks, Deb!

Here's the rules for the award:

1. You must accept the award.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award.
3. Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
4. Paste the award on your blog.
5. Write 10 things about yourself that others might not know.
6. Pass the award on to 10 others.

Okay, ten things about me that others might not know:
1.  I am Catholic.  I married a nice Catholic boy too.  : )  He came complete with the traditional large family--19 first cousins!
2.  I used to have my own scrapbooking store.  I still have quite a bit of merchandise left.  Hmmmm, I'm thinkin a giveaway on my blog in the near future.
3.  I like to eat prunes.  I just bought a bag at the store the other day.  They're so delicious!  My husband thinks I am so weird. 
4.  I own two guns.  My favorite is a pink pistol that I bought last year.
5.  I have.....tendencies.   I like things to be done 'just so'.  I don't have an overly clean house by any means, but if something is put away it is put away right...and neatly.  Also, if something is not where it should be, I can't find it.  At work they dusted my desk and put my stapler in a different spot.  I couldn't find it--it was in plain sight.
6.  I live in the house I grew up in, except it's on our farm now.  We bought my parent's house and moved it to our farm.  Quite an interesting project. 
7.  I had the Grand Champion Rabbit at our county fair when I was in 4-H.  It was a Netherland Dwarf named Oreo.  He was black with a white belly and I thought he looked like an Oreo cookie. 
8.  I'm not a baby person.  Let me explain that..  I LOVE babies, who doesn't?  I've just never been one of those people that holds someone else's baby and says, "oh, I miss when my kids were babies".  I love watching my kids grow and each new thing they do amazes me more than the last.
9.  I drive a pickup.  I have wanted one since I turned 16.  Finally, last year my wonderful husband bought me my very first pickup.  Now I'm a kid haulin, mulch movin, feed bucket takin, seed bag gettin Mama!  It also seems to be my husband's ride of choice when he and his buddies decide to go on a casino trip!
10.  I have only been blogging since last month (I'm already addicted though).  So, I don't know 10 other bloggers to share this award with yet.   I will share with some great people that I have met so far though.
I will pass the award on to the wonderful blogs that I follow:


  1. Thank you! You wrote a great 10 things! We have some things in common..well,not the prune thing..but some of the others!

  2. Yes sirree...I do love a prune myself. Since they started packaging them in those little individual wrappers,(you can get them cheap at Walgreens) I carry them in my vehicles. The office manager always buys them for me and I am the only one who eats them for snacks at work. Gee...I think I will have a couple for breakfast! Thanks for the reminder. I loved your comment on the pink pistol, now that would be a hoot. I have lots of guns...but I am a little reluctant to have to use one. My husband was the user, but I really need to learn how to use one PROPERLY for this rural life. And on the Truck!? I fantasized about my OWN truck and last year went out and found my OWN...just for me. You are 1 Strong Gal and I love your blog, and I understand on addictive. Bloging is just a terrific outlet for our thoughts and our passions. If I carry on at my office job about the simple seems it always sounds pretty boring to my city coworkers. They just haven't seen the light, and for that I feel they are deprived!

  3. Thanks! I'll have to try the individually wrapped prunes. I thought, like Melodie, that I would probably alone in my love for!

  4. Wow!, I was a bit late on getting over to visit you and what a surprise to see that you are passing this award on to me, Thank you very much! I accept it and will make a post about it sometime soon. I look forward to following your blog and will add you to my sidebar. I am glad you and your boys enjoyed hearing about my tortoises. They are great pets! Thank you for stopping by and thanks again for the award!