Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hooray! Hooray! Today is the day!

Today was FINALLY the day that our kids got their new chicken house.  They were SO excited!  It all started last year about this time...Ryan took the kids with him to the farm store and they had their spring chicks and ducklings in stock.  The kids loved them and, of course, wanted some of their own.  So, being the coolest dad in the world, Ryan told them if they would do jobs around the house to earn money they could buy some.  Then arrived the two most helpful little kids you have ever seen!  They earned their money and we brought home 8 chickens and 4 ducks.  We had an old chicken house that was on the farm when we bought it, so my grandpa fixed it up a little and we were in business. 

We don't know anything about chickens or ducks, but I will say that we have had so much fun with them.  We had one fatality, Chicken Little died shortly after we brought them home.  Other than that everyone appears to be healthy. 

Throughout the summer my grandpa (who helped fix up the old chicken house) realized that the little chicken farmers were pretty serious about this and things were going well.  He decided that the kids needed a nicer chicken house. So, this fall he started in on the project.  He did an awesome job.  It has nesting boxes, roosts,  a window...the works.  With all the snow we've had this winter we haven't been able to get it moved from his shop in town out to our farm.  Today was FINALLY the day!  The kids were so excited.  We went to town to watch them put it on the truck...

Quentin and Great-Grandpa lead the way to our house...

they unloaded it...

Great-Grandpa put a few of the finishing touches on it...

Quentin checks out the inside again..

Two very excited kids and one proud Great-Grandpa!

We won't be able to move the chickens and ducks for a little while yet.  We need to wait until it drys up a little to get the outside fence put up, but at least it's here now.

Thanks Grandpa!


  1. How exciting and such a neat Grandpa!
    Can't wait to see pics when they can move in.

  2. Thanks for visiting me! And YES I love my goodies.

    I am so jealous of your kids. I would love to have chickens, but I'm lazy in the mornings and don't want to have to carry water in the winter. :) I'm horrible I know.