Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chicken Fund Hero Party

It is finally starting to seem a little like spring around here.  We didn't have to wear our coats today.  It was beautiful.  Maci and I took the tractor to go move some hay again when we noticed that my sister and her kids were at my mom and dad's house.  Their house is three miles from ours and only about a half a mile from where we were getting the hay.  So, we decided to give her a call and see if Cousin Brody wanted to come help us in the tractor.  He did, in fact he took the job very seriously...

After we got all of our hay moved and Quentin got home on the bus we decided that we would drive our Ranger (ATV) to take Brody back.  Quentin and Maci are trying to save money to buy 6 more chickens.    In Iowa, pop cans have a redemption value of 5 cents.  So, on our way they collected pop cans from the ditches. 

As Quentin was walking he stopped and looked kinda funny at something.  Then he said, "Huh?  A cell phone.  That's weird."  WHAT!?  A cell phone?  THAT'S MY CELL PHONE!!!  I lost my cell phone about a month ago.  The same night Ryan got his tractor stuck and I had to take him a chain.  I stood along the side of the road and took a few pictures for my blog post that night: 10 Great Years!  It must have fallen out of my pocket when I was taking pictures!  Great job, Quentin!

I had an old cell phone that I had hooked up, but it was several years old and didn't have any of my contact's numbers in it.  I thought they were all lost.  Now, what are the chances that this thing will actually work?  There was a ton of snow on the ground the night I lost it, it's snowed twice since then AND it's rained twice.  Well.....I plugged it in.....and it's charging!!!

Quentin, you're a hero!  So, we had a Hero Party for him.  He got to pick anything he wanted for supper.  He chose tacos from the Mexican resturant.  Sounds good to me!

Oh, and after we got home the kids counted out their "can money" for the chicken fund.  The total came to: $7.15 and one cell phone!  Not bad!!!


  1. Well that is just amazing about the phone! Can you come to my house? I lost my wedding ring somewhere a few weeks back! It is some where on this farm....

  2. Now that is just a truly Cool and lucky Find! I lost a set of keys to the explorer a month ago and since they cost a jillion dollars to replace...the last key we have is guarded frantically. I checked the cost of making a spare and at around $170. it will be likely that I find the lost set the day AFTER I go to the bother of getting the new set. Perhaps after all this snow melts, I will see where that guard dog Tess had wandered off with them and find them in the mud somewhere. What a cool way to entertain the kids too, cleanup and getting some outdoor time is just the BEST!! You are my kind of people! :)

  3. A great find, did he ask wonder how much he could get for the phone?

    It's so neat they are working for their money. Good job teaching them!

  4. I'll try to send some of our good luck your direction, Melodie and Deb.

    Cheryl, I'm surprised he didn't come up with that either! Shhhh!