Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clover Kids

Last night Quentin attended his first Clover Kids meeting.  Clover Kids is a 4-H club for kids that are still too young to join 4-H.  They have a booth at the county fair where they display their projects (that aren't judged).  They also have a carnival booth that they have to work at during the fair to raise money for their club.

I have just begun my term on the Page County Fair Board this year.  I explained to Quentin that I go to meetings about the fair and that I would be helping with the fair.  He has been bugging me ever since to let him join 4-H so he can be a part of the fair too.  Last night was the first meeting that he has attended and he had a ball!

One of the projects they did was to make snow.  They put a tiny bit of 'snow' in their containers, then added some water.  Then, the snow grew and grew and grew.

After the projects they all got cupcakes for treats.

Quentin can't wait for the next meeting!

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