Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It didn't flood!

I posted earlier that we were afraid it could flood in our area.  Well, we were safe.  The auction at work went off without a hitch, but it was REALLY deep!  I tried to get out of the office long enough to get a few pictures. 

Believe it or not they weren't stuck here...

The equipment...

The swimmers bidders...

Jon (my boss) taking bids...

The auctioneering truck...

It was a looong day for everyone!


  1. Oh mercy....it looks like it was a muddy mess. I'm glad to hear it didn't flood up there. I had been talking with my mom who lives up in NE MO and she said that they were talking about chances of flooding up north...I'm glad to hear ya'll didn't get flooded!

  2. good on the Not flooding..but I sure feel your pain. The knee boots are a necessity around here too but when you get the suction grip and forget to walk toe first and go heel first you can be suctioned there forever. I have even had my tightly fit snug to my foot-hip-boot stuck so well even it came off and I was stepping with my bare foot into a foot of muck. The only thing dry is the 2 ft ruts left by the tractor in the worst spots possible. BUT...WE have had a day or two of Sun..boy does that HELP!!
    On the auction, you can sure tell a good farmer/rancher in that a little wet doesn't scare them off.

  3. Hi Christi, Thanks for dropping by Water Oak Hill.

    Oh my goodness, what a muddy mess. Looks like you had a great turn out!

  4. We did have a pretty good turn out...I think we gave out close to 400 bid numbers. That was only down a little bit from our previous sales. ...and men say women are crazy for "sales"! ;)